Palamides SIMA 220 automatisch post boxen system – 2015

Wij hebben meerdere PALAMIDES postbak robot systemen beschikbaar. Het PALAMIDES SIMA220 systeem is speciaal ontworpen om aan het einde van een couverteersysteem geïnstalleerd te worden. De gevulde enveloppen zullen automatisch ,met behulp van software in combinatie met het couverteersysteem, in postkisten worden gedeponeerd. Het systeem weet precies hoeveel enveloppen er in welke kist moeten komen. Het systeem zal uiteindelijk compleet automatisch de kist voorzien van een corresponderend label om de rest van de routing in het posttraject vlekkeloos te laten verlopen. Dit systeem bespaart u minimaal één operator!!!

Automatic Postbox traying system for envelope inserting systems. This SIMA 220 was connected to a Buhrs BB700 inserting systems, therefore it is blue. Installed in 2015 and just in use for 16 months!Palamides SIMA 220 post boxen system - traying machine - postboxen system - 2015 (33)

The sima Automatic Mail Delivery lines up with any inserter and automates the presorting and letter tray preparation processes.
The delivery checks for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and IMB Barcodes then automatically rejects any letter that should not be delivered. Various reading systems are available for the sima, from simple print mark readers up to a server based OCR/IMB reading system connected to the Digital Front End. Our patented collection unit safely stacks the envelopes individually- without contacting each other making twisting or interleaving almost impossible.

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The envelope stack is quickly pressed before filling the letter trays in accordance with USPS regulations (DMM). The exchange of letter trays occurs automatically with an
exchange speed of up to 1,800 boxes/h (2.0 sec). The tray exchange unit can handle MM and EMM letter trays.

A unique feature is its ability to intermix one and two foot
letter trays depending to the presorting need. As an option, a postcode label printer can be integrated into the sima, which applies a tray label to the letter tray.

The filled letter trays are temporarily stored on a large buffer section. The Sequence Repair System (SRS), which marks or separates mails that do not belong to the actual mail sequence, comes standard on this machine. The sima can instruct the operator
what to do with the marked or separated mail. This SRS enables a constant production speed even when sequence problems appear.
Adjustable in height 600 mm up to 900 mm.
Gathering section – with buffer for post boxen
Automatic fillingstation for postboxes
Automatic change of postboxes.
Max 10 Postboxen can be in feeder
Touchscreen – simple, and user-friendly user interface
Complete with connection from envelope inserter – connection with all inserters possible!

Format max.: 180mm x 285mm
Format min.: 90mm x 145mm
Speed: up to 20.000 envelopes per hour
Envelope thickness max.: 8 mm
Postbox change-over time: ca. 1,8 sec (max 2000 boxes per hour)
Post boxes: Deutsche Post, Postcon, Schweizer Post, Oesterreichische Post, Belgische Post, Hollaendische Post, USPS Trays, Pin Boxen.
Electrical connection: 16A, 400/230V, 4kW
Pressure air: 6bar, 200l/min
Connection: To all inserting systems possible

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