W+D BB700 Pocket

W+D BB700 Pocket envelope inserter

The W+D BB700 pocket
envelope inserter is not to be compared with any other because of its
incredible flexibility. This system can process standard envelopes but also special envelopes in the so called ´pocket´ formats. Machine speed max. 10.000 envelopes per hour in Pocket size!!.W+D BB700 Pocket couverteersysteem

The W+D BB700 pocket is unique due to its incredible flexibility. This system can process standard envelopes as well as pocket formats. Due to its capability to insert documents by opening the envelope on the short side, the W+D BB700 pocket is the worldwide market leader in industrial processing of pocket formats.

The system is available in four different configurations (right and left versions).

Technical specifications

Mechanical   performance:


12,000 env. per hour   (landscape)
10,000 env. per hour (pocket format)
Envelope formats: min.  105 x 162 mm (landscape)
max. 250 x 353 mm (landscape)
min.  229   x 162 mm (pocket format)
max. 335 x 250 mm (pocket format)
Product formats: min.    80 x 105 mm (landscape)
max. 229 x 324 mm (landscape)
min.  210   x 148 mm (pocket format)
max. 324 x 229 mm (pocket format)
Product width: min. single   sheet 80 g/m²
max. 15 mm

Your benefits

  • Capability to process standard envelopes and pocket formats with the flop on the short side
  • High net output as a result of intelligent control system capabilities like automated error handling
  • Servo drive enables you to make on-the-fly adjustments
  • User-friendliness and short change over time of less than 10 minutes
  • High residual market value due to robust and modular design
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs

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